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"Like soul, it is a bright, clear and shining gemstone, and a beautiful expression of Spirit, rendered in serenity and thoughtfulness. Jacob's own original music seems to have a classical nineteenth century virtuoso flavor flowing with confidence and polish."

  Personal Touch
Original New Age Piano Music

CD $14.95
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Flight Of Hand
Original New Age Piano Music

"Jacob plays his instrument with all the love he possesses. These hands fly with great delicacy and grace, stroking the piano with a lover's touch. Slow, gracious, refined, and sensitive. Then, when it ends, you waken from pleasure knowing you want to listen again."

Heartsong Review

Tape $9.95 CD $14.95
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"Warm and inviting, these beautifully and originally arranged holiday classics will move you throughout the year. Simultaneously stirring and soothing, from a Feast of Lights to Ave Maria, you feel the Holy Presence which permeated the universe. Light a candle, trim the tree and enhance your holiday festivities with Stephen's gift to you."

Numinous Review

Comfort And Joy
Christmas Piano Music

Tape $9.95 CD $14.95
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Your Moon My Star
New Age Piano Music, Popular Songs

"A collection of your favorite inspirational songs plus four originals. Magical Piano arrangements by Stephen...and for the first time, he is richly complemented by an orchestra. Enter a world where we feel our unity with all of life; where love, sharing and peace prevail This recording was inspired part by Stephen's recent trip to Africa with a musical house-building team formed by Habitat for Humanity. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Habitat to help continue its noble mission of providing homes for those in need."


CD $14.95
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Virtural Nature RE-RELEASED as "Natural Magic" -
COMING SOON! Order now! + 3 bonus tracks

"These beautiful songs are from the soundtrack of Virtual Nature, a best selling video produced by the Nature Company They will carry your soul to the realms of nature's dynamic beauty."

"Natural Magic"
Virtual Nature Soundtrack

CD $14.95
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With Linda Spencer

Meditation Series
Music by
Stephen Jacob

"I am delighted to be a part of this project as I have always felt connected to Linda's heart and soul as we have created meditations together

In order to compse the music for these meditations I simply followed Linda's words. I find myself deeply soothed by her delivery of this wholesome truth. Namaste!"
Stephen Jacob

Three Tape Series $29.95
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